Manumit Fair trade


Manumit Fair Trade was founded by a husband and wife team in 2005, after the MAKEPOVERTYHISTORYcampaign captured their imaginations.  Shocked by "ethical" factories in Asia and born from the desire to help others and create an alternative and fairer way of doing business, Manumit is encouraging an ethical fashion which sets the trend for more trade than aid. Their fantastic fair trade products are designed in the UK and handmade by marginalised producers and artisans in the South, who are members of the World Fair Trade Organisation and have been through a process to ensure they are working to fair trade principles. Manumit work hard with these local artisans and producers to ensure that their fabulous fair trade jewellery and accessories range holds true to their heritage and traditions, not only to the benefit of their local communities, but also to offer the best in sustainable and ethical fashion jewellery and accessories.This considerate, fair trade approach gives Manumit an authenticity little seen on the high street, translating into original and unique designs which have a genuine story and substance, with an ethical foundation.

Our fair trade bags and scarves are made in Vietnam by an organisation whose mission is to produce and sell Vietnamese handicraft products that are made under fair trade conditions. There aim is to expand their customer base so that they can in turn expand workshop capacity, which helps to provide more secure and decent employment opportunities to disadvantaged women and farmers. They provide life changing training in tailoring skills and bring smiles to these two extremely marginalized groups in society. 
Farmers earn low and inconsistent income.  They are trained to be skilful tailors and with chance of work, they can earn a good income which allows their families to have a good standard of living and also send their children to school. Furthermore, national insurance contributions are made for them to cover medical costs and provide a pension for retirement.  Our organisation also supports and trains disabled women to enable them to earn decent living, gain self-confident and retain their dignity. They are educated on product quality and also on fair trade principles. Any artisan who works well has a chance to be appointed to the master of the group and is trained to develop designs and become skilled, experienced, creative and reputable artisans in their own right.

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